THEMA Workshop on fundamental market modelling in Amsterdam

23. January 2018 | News

Our modelling team opens the 6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Coupling conference in Amsterdam, January 24th, with a workshop on price forecasts based on fundamental market modelling, wind-weighted prices and the impact of prosumers.

At the conference, participants from industry, academia and consulting will meet to discuss current developments in power trading, price developments and forecasts, as well as market design. THEMA Consulting Group will open the conference with a workshop on fundamental market modelling.
In our workshop, we will present different modelling paradigms, and discuss the fundamental model approach in detail. Fundamental models are used to forecast wholesale prices and to identify price drivers. Based on examples from our daily work, we will show how to estimate future wind weighted prices and cannibalization effects, and how prosumers and private investment decisions can impact wholesale price developments.

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6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Coupling 2018 >>

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