Socio-economic benefits of hydro power in Nordland

15. September 2017 | News

11 of 10 hydro power projects recently developed in Nordland county are socio economic viable and provides large income and benefits to municipalities, land owners, counties and the Norwegian state.

The socio-economic present value, value-added, employment and economic ripple effects of different categories of new hydro power projects in Nordland county is estimated based on data from a portfolio of recently realized or planned power plants. In addition, the value-added and employment from the hydro power plants already present in the county is estimated. Hydro power has also various external benefits which are reflected in the project values. Stricter global climate change regulations, based on polluter pays principle would imply considerable higher value added.

Download the report here (in Norwegian):

THEMA Rapport 2017-11 >> Samfunnsnytte av vannkraft i Nordland

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