Tailored advice, services, and models

GridmapThe provision of tailored advice and analysis is an integral part of THEMA’s business. We support clients in their investment decisions and provide due diligence services, socio-economic assessments and tailored model solutions to our clients.

We also provide studies, reports and analysis for major authorities, including the European Commission. In our analysis and services, we combine quantitative techniques with our in-depth understanding of markets, technology, policy and regulation. This unique understanding spanning markets, policy, and technology allows us to provide the best possible advice to our clients as part of their operational and strategic decision making.


We have in recent years provided tailored scenario studies for utilities, due diligence services and investment analyses for investors, studies for the European Commission, tailored models in support of short-term trading and a wide range of other tailored services. For further and more detailed references please follow the contact details provided below.


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Arndt von Schemde PArtner and CEO, PhD
+47 982 63 986

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