Investment support and PPA analysis


THEMA is an experienced provider of power market forecasts and analyses in the Nordics and Europe. We offer comprehensive and tailor-made investment support and valuation of assets based on our price forecasts and in-house expertise on market intelligence, technology development and asset valuation.

PPAs are becoming an increasingly valuable tool in financing new renewable investments like wind. THEMA has a track record in supporting our client in PPA processes, analysing different structures, pricing schemes and risks, and can build upon experience gained in the Nordic market where PPAs have a long tradition. We offer analyses of a variety of PPA structures and pricing schemes for PPAs as a part of our investment support and price forecasting. For the Nordic market, we also have a comprehensive database covering all operational and planned wind power projects in Sweden and Norway, as well as a library of recent and existing PPAs in the Nordic market.

THEMA offers analyses and support within

  • Value assessment of existing and potential power plants, cost estimates and income potential, based on expected production profiles and power price scenarios
  • Risk assessment – both qualitative and quantitativ
  • Analysis of different PPA-structures based on our database with key structures and examples from PPAs in the Nordic countries
  • Pricing models for PPAs, analysis of the effect of cannibalisation, and different models for distribution of income risk and operational risk
  • Bidding strategies and support in bidding processes

In addition to our in-house expertise we also work closely with leading law firms, allowing us to provide the holistic investment support that your project needs.

Price forecasts and other services

THEMA also offers a range of price forecasts and services. Follow the links below for further information.

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