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RiverWe provide analysis and advice for sectors characterized by regulation, infrastructure challenges, and challenges related to the energy transition

We help market actors and authorities identify profitable and sustainable solutions which contribute to development and implementation of sound regulatory conditions in order to realize the low emission society.

We help businesses understand today’s policy framework and regulations, uncertainties and risks, and consequences of change, and to develop business models to secure long-term value creation.

Markets, policies and business strategies are interrelated and should be analyzed jointly and from several angles:

  • Effective policies and design of efficient policy instruments require understanding of market dynamics and the strategic trade-offs by market actors.
  • Companies must base their business and business models on knowledge of market developments, political targets and regulations.
  • Market developments cannot be analysed independently of policy targets and measures, and business strategies, and without knowledge of global technology development, climate policies and energy markets.

The complexity of energy market interactions and energy and climate policies imply a need for advanced analytical models in order to quantify the consequences of new policy measures and regulations, and changes in market conditions.

Strategy »

We help companies and organizations carry out suitable strategy processes and relevant analyses to make them better prepared to make sound portfolio and business strategic choices in uncertain environments.
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Regulation and market design »

Our analyses and advice are based on a combination of solid welfare economic competences, profound understanding of markets, and of the technical and commercial conditions, and, importantly, of the interaction between markets and policies.
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Policy measures »

Our market analysis team offers high quality products and solutions to our clients. Our consultants have degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Economics at Masters or PhD level.
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