New Statnett report: Balancing market roles and the aggregation of bids

28. August 2018 | News

New EU regulations require a rethink of Statnett’s balancing services markets. THEMA has therefore supported Statnett through an internal process to clarify both balancing market roles and the conditions applicable to aggregated bids.

Statnett sees a need for greater supply of balancing resources in the future to support increasing demand for such resources in system operations. In addition, new EU regulations imply the need for Statnett to review the design of its balancing services. To address these requirements, Statnett carried out an internal study to consider: market actors’ roles in the balancing services markets and the conditions applicable to aggregated bids.

The report is aimed at both market actors and others with an interest in learning more about the balancing markets. The study has organised information about how the balancing markets work, both for existing and new market actors. It provides an overview of the status quo (Q1-Q2 2018) and what Statnett expects to be important short- and long-term changes. Much has yet to become clear on the EU regulations, including how they will be implemented in Norwegian law. However, by presenting some concrete examples of potential solutions to the identified gaps and scenarios, we can prepare better for any future changes and their consequences.

Read the Report on Stanett’s homepage (in Norwegian):

Rapport: Roller i balansemarkedene >>

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