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Marius Holm Rennesund

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Marius Holm Rennesund has broad experience from the energy market with a focus on market analysis and portfolio management. Since joining THEMA in 2013, Marius has worked with price forecasts for the Nordic and German electricity market, the market for electricity certificates and the British gas market. He has hands on experience from trading financial power contracts after completing a year as part of Statkrafts hedging team, managing a portfolio with a turnover of one billion Euros. Marius has international experience working with clients worldwide after completing two years in Nena Asia and a good understanding of political processes after working for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

Marius holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Oslo and a Certificate in Financial Energy Analysis from The Norwegian School of Economics.

Course: Power markets – price drivers, implications and risks »

Marius Holm Rennesund from THEMA tells you all you need to know about price formation in power markets at Energy Norway’s course in power markets April 18, 2018.

New Price Forecasts Show Increasing Value of Flexibility »

Power prices will become more volatile, increasing the value of flexibility. Our new price forecasts for the Nordic and European markets demonstrate this trend, which is due to investments in intermittent generation and increased interconnector capacity.

Decentralised generation could keep power prices low »

Our new power price forecast shows that strong growth in local, small-scale renewable generation yields ample generation and sustains low prices. Longer-term price increases will require stronger European RES and climate policy cooperation.

Is greed good for market liquidity? »

The liquidity in the Nordic financial power market shows a declining trend. To continue to develop interesting hedging and trading opportunities with high liquidity, we need to understand why. Was Gordon Gekko right?

New elcertificate agreement lifts prices, but does not solve market design challenges »

After months of uncertainty, Sweden and Norway have agreed to extend the Elcertificate market. The market is prolonged for 10 years and Sweden unilaterally increases the target by 18 TWh. The extension lead to a significant increase in prices. 

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Higher power price levels and more frequent price spikes in Europe »

THEMAS new price forecasts for Europe and the Nordics show a tighter capacity balance on the Continent, resulting in more frequent and higher price peaks in continental Europe. Higher European power prices also lift prices in the Nordics.

THEMA@Montel: Nordic power prices to average EUR 25/MWh until 2020 – THEMA »

From Montel 3.October 2016: Norwegian consultancy THEMA has revised up its Nordic power price outlook until 2020 by 19% to an average around EUR 25/MWh, thanks mainly to rising coal futures, analyst Marius Holm Rennesund told Montel on Monday.

New power price forecast: carefully optimistic for power prices »

The fall editions of THEMAs long run power price forecasts are now available. THEMA expect long run power prices to increase, driven by increasing EU-ETS and gas prices post 2020, and tighter power and capacity balances across Europe. Climate policies represent the main uncertainty for the future price development.

Long term price forecasts. Spring edition »

THEMA’s portfolio of price forecasts includes reports on Nordic power, German power, Dutch power and elcertificates.

THEMA@Montel: Nordic power average above EUR 20 until 2020 »

From Montel:  Nordic power prices are likely to average just above EUR 20/MWh until 2020 before rising towards EUR 40/MWh in 2030 amid higher carbon prices and tighter supply, according to Thema Consulting.