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Kjersti Simonsen

+47 901 89 620

Kjersti Simonsen has a background covering psychology, physiotherapy and business, and has extensive experience from various organisations. She has a holistic approach to individual coaching and organisational development. She includes understanding of organisational context when working with individuals, and has a unique and profound understanding of change mechanisms.

Kjersti has held a number of different positions and responsibilities, including management positions. She has as a consultant primarily focused on organisational development linked to business development and strategy. In recent years she has worked with process and leadership counselling for senior management in different areas, both in private and public sector. Her main areas of work have been evaluating need for change, developing process design and facilitating change processes. Kjersti has primarily worked for senior and top management in large organisations. She has studied psychology, holds a BSc in physiotherapist and an M.B.A. from Henley Business School. She has continued studies in coaching and organisational development based on Gestalt psychology, theory and methodology.

She has 11 years of experience as freelance, as partner in Considium Consuling Group, and in cooperation with Norwegian and international consulting companies, among them PWC, Econ Pöyry and Innovation. She worked as departmental director in Statnett SF in 2010 (management for hire), and has previously held a number of positions during 12 years in Esso (ExxonMobil) in Norway, USA, Belgium and Switzerland. She has 7 years of experience as a physiotherapist and project manager within national health care in Norway. She is presently based in London and regularly in Norway.