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Julian Hentschel

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Julian Hentschel has over ten years of experience as an energy economist, specialising in energy market design and policy appraisal. He has particular expertise in the UK and Irish markets, having worked in London for both the UK's energy department and as a private consultant to regulators and commercial clients. His experience ranges from work on market design and integration to include market and network regulation, climate policy, commercial due diligence and market strategy.

Julian holds a Master in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where he specialised in competition economics. He also holds a Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

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Local Energy Communities require regulatory sandboxes, not reform »

Experience with Local Energy Communities is limited. They would be better supported by time-limited regulatory exemptions to facilitate experimentation than by reform of the current regime, which might put consumer protections and efficiency at risk.


Decarbonising heat – the race to replace gas »

The UK needs to find a low-carbon alternative to the use of natural gas in homes. Although electricity is an obvious contender, the size and seasonality of gas demand is encouraging the Government to think again and consider the feasibility of converting the current gas grid to hydrogen instead. Whatever the final decision, the choice […]

UK example is a cautionary tale for reformers of network charges »

The UK’s energy regulator is being taken to court over network charges. The case is a cautionary tale of how even well-intentioned network charges have the potential for serious unintended consequences.