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Åsmund Jenssen

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Åsmund Jenssen has 18 years experience from consulting and research in ECON/Econ Pöyry. Primary fields of interest are market design and regulation in the Nordic electricity market, including network regulation, tariffs, taxation of power generation and support systems for renewable energy. He has also worked extensively on valuation of power generation and network activities, and has provided advice and due diligence services in several transactions in the Nordic energy sector in recent years. He has additional experience from other parts of the energy sector, in particular petroleum and district heating. His areas of expertise include market design, network regulation, tariffs, taxation, investment analysis, valuation, cost-benefit analysis

Åsmund holds a Masters degree in economics from the University of Oslo in 1997, with additional studies in political science and philosophy.

Local flexibility markets are ready to be piloted »

Enova’s new large-scale competition enables network companies and other market players to pilot solutions to exploit local flexibility. But what makes a successful pilot design? THEMA has analysed this issue for Enova.

Taxation of power generation affect investments and value distribution »

The taxation of power generation is complex, and small adjustments can make a large impact, particularly for hydropower. Over the last few years, THEMA has inter alia analysed issues related to the tax system, depreciation rules and property taxes.

A stronger role for DSOs requires improved information exchange »

Increased coordination of operations between grid operators require better improved information exchange. Better information exchange caters for implementation of new measures in distribution grid operations and a stronger role for DSOs.

Datahubs in Europe: State of play and future development »

Together with ENTSO-E, we analysed the current situation concerning datahubs and data exchange models in Europe. Many countries have moved towards central data exchange models. The next generation of datahubs is set to empower the customer, support the wholesale-retail market integration and facilitate the use of distributed flexibility.

Study on coordination in the distribution grid and the DSO role »

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have commissioned a study from THEMA and EPOS Consulting on the need for coordination between distribution grid companies and possible solutions for improved coordination.

What are the roles and responsibilities of TSOs and DSOs in relation to information exchange? »

The roles and responsibilities of TSOs and DSOs in relation to information exchange and access to communication. This report summarizes the current national regulatory framework of the Nordic market (countries).

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Swedish generator tariffs distort investment incentives »

Capacity based tariffs, such as the transmission tariffs paid by Swedish generators, distort investment incentives. Extensive investments plans by Svenska Kraftnät towards 2025 may cater for increase generator tariffs and amplify the distortion.

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The impact of taxes on the Norwegian-Swedish Certificate Market »

Different rules for taxation of renewable electricity generation have a large impact on the distibution of investments in the Norwegian-Swedish electricity market.

Long-term organisation of the Norwegian electricity grid »

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has appointed an expert group which has been given the task of assessing options and strategies for the long-term organisation of the Norwegian electricity grid, with emphasis on the regional and distribution grids.

Offshore wind farms as joint projects »

THEMA has carried out the study “Offshore wind farms as joint projects” on behalf of the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy under the Nordic Council of Ministers.