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Arndt von Schemde

Partner and CEO, PhD
+47 982 63 986

Arndt von Schemde has a long track record in power market modeling and market analysis. At THEMA, Arndt is responsible for power market modeling and model development and stands behind THEMA’s power market model The-MA. He has also extensive knowledge of the BID model, for which he led model development when heading power market modeling at Econ Pöyry. His experience ranges from multi-client studies to modeling projects for major European utilities. In addition, Arndt has worked on regulatory issues as well as issues concerning competition and market power within the Nordic market.

Arndt holds a PhD in Mathematics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His research was in the field of Game Theory, the mathematical analysis of conflict and strategic interaction. He also holds an MSc Economics from LSE as well German university degrees in both Mathematics and Economics.

German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue 2020 »

In cooperation with the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Selmer, THEMA invites you to the German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue.

E-world 2020

Save the date: Meet THEMA at E-world on February 11-13 »

This year, you find THEMA at our own booth (Hall 1/Booth 136) at E-world in Essen, February 11-13. Book your appointment now!

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German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue 2019 »

The German-Norwegian chamber of Commerce, in association with THEMA and Selmer, is pleased to invite you to this years’ German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue.

Eworld 2019

Meet THEMA at E-world for your personalized market update »

THEMA is at E-world in Essen, 5th-7th February. You find us at the Montel booth (Hall 3/Stand 3-124). 


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High fuel and carbon prices low availability and low hydro inflows have led to a price rally. We address these developments and discuss the implications for power markets. Our special issues discuss the future of the EU-ETS, and the Baltic markets.

Welcome! THEMA opens German office in Berlin »

With a growing client base in Germany and Continental Europe, THEMA now opened a German office in the heard of Germany’s capital Berlin.

8th Norwegian-German Energy Conference »

«Power to Change – governments, climate & mobility» The German-Norwegian chamber of Commerce in association with THEMA is pleased to invite you to this years’ Norwegian-German Energy Conference April 26, 2018.

Meet THEMA at the German Energy Day »

What is the market value of renewable electricity? This is the topic of THEMA’s presentation at Montel’s German Energy Day in Düsseldorf on May 3rd, 2018.

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Is the electrification of Snorre an efficient emissions reduction measure? »

The electrification of the continental shelf is a controversial emissions reduction measure. Although Norwegian emissions would be reduced, these emissions are within the EU Emissions Trading System. As such, electrification will only be efficient if it is cheaper than the long-term carbon price.

THEMA Workshop on fundamental market modelling in Amsterdam »

Our modelling team opens the 6th Electricity Price Forecasting & Market Coupling conference in Amsterdam, January 24th, with a workshop on price forecasts based on fundamental market modelling, wind-weighted prices and the impact of prosumers.