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New report analyses the markets for green values »

Renewable power generation achieves additional revenues via the markets for guarantees of origin and CO2 allowances, and from elcertificates and other support schemes. Our new Green Values report focuses on the status for and future of these values.

Vindmøller høst

Autumn edition of power price outlook for Nordics and Europe published »

Will the increase in power prices seen in recent years persist? We also focus on wind investments in Norway, discuss the effects of a potential European recession, and launch a new report on the value of green products.


Coordination key to efficient deployment of Baltic Sea offshore wind potential »

Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea could provide for more than a third of all current electricity demand in the neighbouring countries, but exploiting this potential efficiently will require stronger cooperation, better planning and regulatory reform.

Power cable

How to incentivise efficient grid use using grid tariffs »

Capacity-based grid tariffs are becoming more common. In a report for the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate, we find both tariff design and the implementation process to be critical to success.

THEMA continues to grow – we are looking for analysts/consultants »

Our 24 employees are no longer enough to solve all the exciting assignments for our more than 230 customers. We are therefore searching for more analysts / consultants who have a master’s degree with excellent results