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Berit Tennbakk

Partner, Dr.
+47 928 68 117

Berit Tennbakk joined THEMA Consulting Group as Partner in 2010. She is an expert in welfare economic analysis, general energy market analysis, and a specialist in power market analysis. Recent assignments include analyses of capacity mechanisms, security of supply and capacity adequacy, energy efficiency, and the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS). She has more than 20 years’ experience with energy market analysis from Econ Pöyry and ECON Analysis, Statoil and SNF (Center for Applied Research at the Norwegian Business School). Her career started towards the end of the 1980ies when she participated in the project that laid the foundation for the deregulation of the Norwegian power market in 1991. Berit has carried out and led a vast array of projects for authorities, interest organization, energy companies and system operators in the Nordic countries and Europe, and had a number of management positions in her career. Her areas of expertise include welfare economic analysis of policies and policy measures, including climate policies and support schemes for renewable energy and energy efficiency; design of policy measures, markets and regulation; scenario analysis and market analysis of power markets, certificate markets and quota markets; analysis of coal and gas markets.

Berit holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Bergen. Her dissertation was based on game theory and industrial organization.


Stakeholder Workshop zur Entwicklung von Offshore-Windenergie in der Ostsee »

Während dem BEMIP Stakeholder Workshop präsentieren THEMA, EA und COWI ihre Empfehlungen aus einer Roadmap für Offshore- Windenergie in der Ostsee. Der von der Europäischen Kommission veranstaltete Workshop findet am 15. März in Brüssel statt und steht zur Anmeldung offen.


Neues Projekt: Wie kann das Offshore Potential in der Ostsee entwickelt werden? »

Das Potential für Offshore Windkraft in der Ostsee wird nicht annähern ausgeschöpft. In einem neuen Projekt für die EU Kommission sollen wir analysieren, welche Barrieren bestehen, und einen regionalen Arbeitsplan erstellen um die Kooperation bei der Kosteneffektiven Ausnutzung von Offshore Windkraft zu stärken.