Datahubs in Europe: State of play and future development

28. June 2017 | News

Together with ENTSO-E, we analysed the current situation concerning datahubs and data exchange models in Europe. Many countries have moved towards central data exchange models. The next generation of datahubs is set to empower the customer, support the wholesale-retail market integration and facilitate the use of distributed flexibility.

Datahubs have been introduced in many European countries, driven by a need for efficient processes and better data quality, initially in retail markets. This trend seems to be both irreversible and continuing.

Recent regulatory developments such as the Clean Energy Package by the EU Commission mandate increased cooperation and aim to empower customers to participate actively in both the retail and wholesale energy markets, thus further increasing the requirement for data exchange between all stakeholders. Hence, future datahubs can take on a role in the overall power system and point towards an integrated wholesale-retail market.

The report concludes with an outlook on possible development trajectories in data exchange and datahubs.

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