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Secure power supplies more highly valued by households »

Estimates of the value placed by households on security of supply have grown and, as such, the financial penalties networks face for outages should be increased. Understanding customer’s willingness to pay to avoid power outages helps to ensure that networks are suitably resilient.

Increased competition, but sustained growth in gas markets »

The global gas market is growing and competition increasing due to expansions in LNG capacity. EU demand is not expected to grow, but import dependency is set to increase in the next decade. The effects of climate policy and technology development are the main uncertainties in the longer term.

Local flexibility markets are ready to be piloted »

Enova’s new large-scale competition enables network companies and other market players to pilot solutions to exploit local flexibility. But what makes a successful pilot design? THEMA has analysed this issue for Enova.

Successful pilot increased the supply of reserves from flexible demand »

Statnett are continuing last winter’s pilot to encourage aggregated demand to participate in reserve markets in NO1. THEMA’s evaluation of last year’s pilot showed positive experiences and an increased supply of reserves from flexible demand.

Stronger regional plans may increase the regional influence of counties »

Norwegian regional reform will create larger counties suited for broader responsibilities. For energy, stronger regional plans will be more appropriate than a transfer of tasks from states and municipalities to the county level.

Do Nordic datahubs increase Nordic retail market competition? »

Harmonisation of market designs can improve cross-border competition in the Nordic electricity retail market. Implementation of datahubs is one important measure. The question is, are currently proposed Datahubs designed appropriately?

Socio-economic benefits of hydro power in Nordland »

11 of 10 hydro power projects recently developed in Nordland county are socio economic viable and provides large income and benefits to municipalities, land owners, counties and the Norwegian state.

A stronger role for DSOs requires improved information exchange »

Increased coordination of operations between grid operators require better improved information exchange. Better information exchange caters for implementation of new measures in distribution grid operations and a stronger role for DSOs.

Socio Economic benefits of small-scale Hydro plants »

Small-scale hydro power plants in Norway are profitable and generally viable from a socioeconomic perspective.

Datahubs in Europe: State of play and future development »

Together with ENTSO-E, we analysed the current situation concerning datahubs and data exchange models in Europe. Many countries have moved towards central data exchange models. The next generation of datahubs is set to empower the customer, support the wholesale-retail market integration and facilitate the use of distributed flexibility.