Dagens Industri Conference

Meet THEMA at DI’s energy conference in Stockholm, May 22 »

What does the future of the energy business look like? That is the topic for this years’ energy conference organized by Swedish leading business newspaper Dagens Industri. You can meet THEMA at a separate stand at the conference.

Decarbonising heat – the race to replace gas »

The UK needs to find a low-carbon alternative to the use of natural gas in homes. Although electricity is an obvious contender, the size and seasonality of gas demand is encouraging the Government to think again and consider the feasibility of converting the current gas grid to hydrogen instead. Whatever the final decision, the choice […]

Illustrasjonbilder kraft Norge. Fribruk til Thema Consulting Group.

Secure power supplies more highly valued by households »

Estimates of the value placed by households on security of supply have grown and, as such, the financial penalties networks face for outages should be increased. Understanding customer’s willingness to pay to avoid power outages helps to ensure that networks are suitably resilient.

Course: Power markets – price drivers, implications and risks »

Marius Holm Rennesund from THEMA tells you all you need to know about price formation in power markets at Energy Norway’s course in power markets April 18, 2018.

8th Norwegian-German Energy Conference »

«Power to Change – governments, climate & mobility» The German-Norwegian chamber of Commerce in association with THEMA is pleased to invite you to this years’ Norwegian-German Energy Conference April 26, 2018.

Meet THEMA at the German Energy Day »

What is the market value of renewable electricity? This is the topic of THEMA’s presentation at Montel’s German Energy Day in Düsseldorf on May 3rd, 2018.

Grønt gress og blå himmel

Is the electrification of Snorre an efficient emissions reduction measure? »

The electrification of the continental shelf is a controversial emissions reduction measure. Although Norwegian emissions would be reduced, these emissions are within the EU Emissions Trading System. As such, electrification will only be efficient if it is cheaper than the long-term carbon price.

New project: Unlocking the Baltic Sea’s Offshore Wind Potential »

Offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea falls well short of potential. New work for the European Commission aims to understand the barriers involved and propose a regional work plan to strengthen cooperation on the cost-effective exploitation of offshore wind.

New Price Forecasts Show Increasing Value of Flexibility »

Power prices will become more volatile, increasing the value of flexibility. Our new price forecasts for the Nordic and European markets demonstrate this trend, which is due to investments in intermittent generation and increased interconnector capacity.

Increased competition, but sustained growth in gas markets »

The global gas market is growing and competition increasing due to expansions in LNG capacity. EU demand is not expected to grow, but import dependency is set to increase in the next decade. The effects of climate policy and technology development are the main uncertainties in the longer term.