New employees

Julian Hentschel, employee since September 2017

Julian Hentschel
Julian Hentschel

I joined THEMA as an experienced energy market economist wanting to move to Oslo with my family. Before starting here, I worked as a professional energy economist in London and became aware of THEMA several years earlier when one of my clients mentioned that they also worked closely with THEMA. Taking a position here has allowed me to continue a career working on the varied and interesting challenges facing the energy sector in an extremely welcoming and capable environment.

THEMA makes full use of the multidisciplinary nature of its staff, allowing you to work with and learn from colleagues with specialisms and insights different from and complementary to your own. It also means that the firm punches above its weight internationally, and I suspect will continue to do so in future. In my time here, I have already worked on multiple international projects, as well as several interesting projects in Norway covering issues like how to monitor competition in the retail electricity market and how to maximise the returns to transmission capacity between neighbouring power markets.

One of the best things about THEMA is the culture. Our size means that we all know one another, rely on each other and work together, both to get the job done and to compensate for the demands of life outside of work. As the father of a two-year-old, it’s a luxury to mix lønningspils (a payday pint) and shuffleboard with colleagues, with the flexibility to make special events at nursery. That ethos is felt at all levels of the firm and sets THEMA apart from many potential employers.

Linn Skaret-Thoresen, employee since August 2018

Linn Skaret-Thoresen
Linn Skaret-Thoresen

After graduating with an MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU, and having an interest in technology, innovation and strategy, THEMA was a great choice for me. Through a diverse team with broad expertise, THEMA is able to offer a wide range of services such as strategy and business development, due diligence, market analysis and development of modeling solutions.

During my first few months, I have had the opportunity to contribute to several projects, including the impacts of smart city on the power sector, analysis of the market for guarantees of origin, electrification of ferries, and the market potential for hydrogen and biogas. Due to THEMA’s flat structure and inclusive working environment, I have been involved in shaping my own tasks from day one. As a new employee, you are also encouraged to take initiative and actively participate in processes outside of your daily project work.

Through THEMA’s internal courses you get the opportunity to continuously improve your knowledge and professional skills. Furthermore, the follow-up from a personal mentor motivates me to set high goals for myself and maintain a steep learning curve.

What really makes me feel at home in THEMA is the working environment. Through events such as “lønningspils”, “vennefest”, Christmas party and a number of events through THEMActive and Young in THEMA , I quickly felt like a part of the team. I therefore recommend THEMA for anyone interested in working in an inclusive, highly competent environment, with an interest in power, transport and renewable energy.

Snorre Thorsønn Borgen, employee since August 2018

Snorre Thorsønn Borgen
Snorre Thorsønn Borgen

During my studies, specialising in power markets and optimisation, I often came across reports written by THEMA. I got an impression of a company elegantly combining knowledge from various disciplines to provide new insights on difficult and complex issues in the energy sector, and recently in the transport sector as well, both for its clients and for society as a whole. I feel very lucky to have found a field of interest early on in my studies that I am really passionate about, and one that is also more relevant than ever and overflowing with wonderful problems to solve. After graduating, there was no doubt that I wanted to work in a company with people who seemed as interested in the energy sector, and particularly the power sector, as me.

When I finally started in THEMA, I experienced how the company combines the knowledge of economists and engineers in practice. My earlier impressions were borne out in day-to-day life at the office. Since the start, I have been involved in more than 10 different projects and I have worked closely with most of the consultants in the company already. An advantage of being a small company is that you work closely with people on all levels of the organisation in all projects, and can easily absorb and take advantage of both the knowledge and the network of extremely skilled and experienced co-workers. My first few months have been incredibly rewarding. I have been able to both use the knowledge from my studies – in projects such as developing a gas market model, mapping the potential of local flexibility in a large Norwegian DNO and studying local energy communities – and learn new and exciting things – in projects on issues like the regulation of interconnectors, the impact of smart cities on the power sector and the valuation of power production, to mention a few.

THEMA is a flexible workplace where you are invited to help shape your own work day. If you have good ideas about things we should do differently, sharing them is highly encouraged. You get to know everyone in the company from early on through intro talks with both partners and consultants so that you know who works with what, making it is easy to flag your interests to the right people in the organisation. When starting in THEMA, you are also assigned a buddy and a mentor that follow up with you on a monthly basis, and to whom you can ask any questions that might arise. Your mentor will also help you to set goals for your development and help guide you to achieve them. Other monthly activities worth mentioning are THEMActive and Young in THEMA, where we do something fun together before we go out to eat. This is in addition to the other social events such as the Christmas party, mountain trips and the “Friends of THEMA”-event, which all contribute to making THEMA the social and enjoyable workplace that it is. I certainly feel I have found my dream job and if you are interested in any of the same things that I am, I believe working in THEMA could be your dream job too.