Autumn edition of power price outlook for Nordics and Europe published

17. October 2019 | News
Vindmøller høst

Will the increase in power prices seen in recent years persist? We also focus on wind investments in Norway, discuss the effects of a potential European recession, and launch a new report on the value of green products.

Overall, we expect power prices to be fairly stable over the next decade, before they start to increase.

A number of different drivers affect power prices. In the power price outlook, we address the impacts of key market, political, and technological drivers based on detailed scenario and sensitivity analyses, and show their impacts on prices, the generation mix, demand, the capacity mix, and trade.

The special issue in our Nordic power price outlook focuses on the increasing resistance to onshore wind power deployment in Norway. Here, we analyse the price impact of restricted wind buildout and to what extent the effect is mitigated by increased offshore deployment or wind investments in Sweden.

The special issue in our European power price outlook analyses the impacts of a severe economic recession on power demand, fuel prices, the industrial sector, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), and, ultimately, power prices.

In addition to the power price outlook, we also introduce a new report on “the value of Green”, containing forecasts for the EU-ETS, Guarantees of Origin, and elcertificates. The report also provides an overview of RES support systems in major European countries.

Our European market report now covers Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, GB, and Austria. The Nordic market report covers Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark (at price zone granularity).

As always, all our reports are accompanied by extensive data material, wind and PV weighted prices, and workshops for those that want to discuss our forecasts in more detail with THEMA’s power market experts.