About us

Solcellepanel og trærOur knowledge contributes to improved market efficiency and increased value creation for companies and for society as a whole

Our assignments focus on the energy sector and other sectors characterized by regulation, infrastructure challenges, and challenges related to the energy transition.

We offer a team with solid professional competences and profound understanding of energy and climate policies. We combine in-depth knowledge of market dynamics with analyses based on state-of-the-art analytical tools.

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Our consultants have deep knowledge of energy markets, broad understanding of policy frameworks, and solid professional competence within economics, finance, technology and law.

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We are an independent, partner owned consultancy located in Oslo, Norway.

Vision, mission and values

Our vision: The energy transition provides new business opportunities. While we must transform the energy system in order to mitigate global warming, we must keep in mind that energy is a prerequisite for growth and welfare in modern society.

Our mission: We contribute to sustainable and profitable solutions for companies and authorities. Our analyses, studies and strategy advice are based on in-depth knowledge of energy markets, broad understanding of policy considerations, and solid professional competence and experience.

Our values: We are reliable, creative and clear


  • Our analyses rest on solid professional foundations, and we always deliver high quality work.
  • Our clients can expect relevant conclusions and advice, and open dialogue throughout the project.
  • We cherish good discourse and are credible contributors to the public debate.
  • We always work in teams and tailor-make our teams for each project.


  • We provide new knowledge and deeper insights into the issues we work with.
  • We are open to new ideas and willing to challenge each other, our clients and ourselves.
  • We have the courage to challenge the professional environment, the industry and authorities when we find it important and appropriate to do so.


  • We work focussed and purposefully to get to the core of the issues and to uncover the crucial elements.
  • Our conclusions are distinct, clearly presented in reports and presentations, and easy to understand.