A stronger role for DSOs requires improved information exchange

12. September 2017 | News

Increased coordination of operations between grid operators require better improved information exchange. Better information exchange caters for implementation of new measures in distribution grid operations and a stronger role for DSOs.

There is an ongoing discussion about the future role of DSOs and in particular, if some distribution grid companies should be mandated to coordinate operations and investments across different grid operators. Changes made to the Norwegian Energy Act imply that such a role may be implemented by the Regulator if needed. THEMA and EPOS Consulting have analysed issues related to system operations and the role for DSOs for the Norwegian energy regulator, NVE.

In the project, we have identified a need to strengthen the coordination among distribution grid operators and between distribution grid operators and regional grid system operations.

A possible solution is to implement measures for the management of system responsibilities in the distribution grid. However, several practical challenges need to be resolved before new measures can be implemented. In particular, there is a need to strengthen the exchange of information among grid operators, both on the distribution level, and between grid levels.

Neutrality issues and the allocation of responsibilities and costs may be challenging. These challenges may however to a large extent be solved through increased transparency and access to data relevant for system operations.

We recommend that NVE makes a closer assessment of the possibilities for improved information exchange as a basis for development of the role for DSOs.

Read more on NVEs website (in Norwegian)

or download the report here (in Norwegian):

NVE Rapport nr 30-2017 >> Behovet for koordinering mellom regional- og distribusjonsnett

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