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Theodor Borsche

Consultant, PhD
+ 47 474 72 512

Theodor is an expert for modeling and price forecasts, and is currently working on projects related to asset valuation. He also has a strong background in balancing services and power system regulation.

He has experience from several research collaborations between academia and industry, always focusing on innovative technical solutions that provide an economic edge and are compatible with regulatory frameworks. Success stories Theodor was involved in include provision of primary frequency control reserves from a 1 MW battery system in the Swiss ancillary service market, and a pilot project on PV integration in low voltage grids using demand response.

Theodor Borsche holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich. His research was in the field of power systems operation and dynamics, including the effect of renewable generation on system inertia. He also holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from TU Berlin.