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Roger Grøndahl

Senior consultant
+47 926 89 347

Roger has been with THEMA since 2012 working in depth within several of the company’s and industry focus areas. He has worked extensively with analysis and modeling of Nordic power where THEMA both licenses the model framework and sells proprietary research to the industry. He has done several valuations of power producers, utilities and retailers, plus analyses of taxation issues and demand side issues in the power market. In addition to the project specifics Roger is responsible for THEMA’s modeling of Norwegian revenue cap regulation, green certificate market for new renewables, as well as being a key contributor to power market analysis and The-MA model development.

Roger holds an MSc in industrial economics and technology management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He has his academic specialization within operations research and electrical energy engineering. His project thesis was an analysis of the day-ahead market clearing method used in Nord Pool Spot for the Nordics, while his Master’s thesis analyzed bids to Elspot from a sample of Norwegian hydropower producers. As a student, Roger had shorter summer/part-time employments with NTNU, Elkem, DNB Markets and Rystad Energy.