Strategy and business development, operations, transaction support



Policy measures, network regulation, market design



Price forecasts, modelling, scenario analysis


Recent news:

Workshop on power market modelling and analysis »

THEMA, in collaboration with Montel, will be hosting a workshop on power market modelling and analysis in Cologne, 11th of October 2017

Datahubs in Europe: State of play and future development »

Together with ENTSO-E, we analysed the current situation concerning datahubs and data exchange models in Europe. Many countries have moved towards central data exchange models. The next generation of datahubs is set to empower the customer, support the wholesale-retail market integration and facilitate the use of distributed flexibility.

Do we need power grids in the future? If so, how should they be regulated? »

Digitalisation and new technologies, climate policy and new customer preferences will change the characteristics of the power system. This also means that grid regulations should be adapted to deal with new challenges and to adopt new solutions.

THEMA’s webpage now in German as well »

As a service to our growing number of customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, we have created a German version of our webpage. The German internet presence will improve the communication with our German-speaking customers. Although we have not translated all pages yet, most of the information is already available in German.

Do nearly zero-energy buildings have to have on-site energy production? »

The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires new buildings to be nearly zero-energy from 2020. Energy supply should be based on renewable, preferably local energy. Does that mean that all buildings must have on-site energy supply?