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Our services include strategy and business advice, policy and regulation, market analysis, modelling, and more.

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We deliver high quality price forecasts, market analysis, investment support, and model solutions.



We publish our analyses and results in reports and shorter T-CG Insights, and through presentations and workshops.

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Agent strategies in the Swedish-Norwegian Green Certificate Market »

The Swedish-Norwegian Green Certificate Market is so far a success in terms of investments in renewable energy. However, it is difficult to understand short-term price market movements and substantial uncertainty about future prices. Agents’ strategies and freedom to act in the market are likely to affect prices and investments.

Illustrasjonbilder kraft Norge. Fribruk til Thema Consulting Group. © Ilja C. Hendel

How a market based support scheme delivers market based decisions – A short comment on Fosen-Snillfjord »

Statkraft’s decision not to go ahead with the projects at Fosen and Snillfjord is reasonable market behaviour in a market based support scheme and should not be regarded as a sign that market participants are losing faith in the certificate market. There are however flaws in the market design that need to be addressed by […]


White paper ties Norwegian climate policy tighter to EU »

A new Norwegian climate policy white paper suggests that Norway should fulfil its climate policy target in closer cooperation with the EU. A central question is whether this implies tighter domestic mitigation policies in Norway.