Service areas

Our services include strategy and business advice, policy and regulation, market analysis, modelling, and more.

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Modelling and price forecasts

We deliver high quality price forecasts, market analysis, investment support, and model solutions.



We publish our analyses and results in reports and shorter T-CG Insights, and through presentations and workshops.

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Recent news:

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Flow based market coupling is coming to a market near you »

Flow based market coupling is now being implemented in Central Western Europe (Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium), as a means to utilize the grid more efficiently.

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New report available: Benchmark of power companies’ financial results »

THEMA Consulting Group is each year publishing a financial benchmark: “Benchmark of power companies` financial results”. The report includes a detailed analysis of financial key figures for 13 selected power companies.


After years of falling power prices there was light…at least some »

After years of falling power prices in the Nordic and European power markets, a number of market developments and propositions in the last weeks point to increasing prices in the Nordic area.