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Our services include strategy and business advice, policy and regulation, market analysis, modelling, and more.

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Modelling and price forecasts

We deliver high quality price forecasts, market analysis, investment support, and model solutions.



We publish our analyses and results in reports and shorter T-CG Insights, and through presentations and workshops.

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New grid model, TheGrid, provides insights into future grid challenges »

THEMA has developed a new model for load flows in the central grid, TheGrid. The model can be used to analyze how trade across countries and flows within countries will develop in the years to come, and where bottlenecks can be expected.

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THEMA@Montel: Nordic power prices to average EUR 25/MWh until 2020 – THEMA »

From Montel 3.October 2016: Norwegian consultancy THEMA has revised up its Nordic power price outlook until 2020 by 19% to an average around EUR 25/MWh, thanks mainly to rising coal futures, analyst Marius Holm Rennesund told Montel on Monday.

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New power price forecast: carefully optimistic for power prices »

The fall editions of THEMAs long run power price forecasts are now available. THEMA expect long run power prices to increase, driven by increasing EU-ETS and gas prices post 2020, and tighter power and capacity balances across Europe. Climate policies represent the main uncertainty for the future price development.