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Our services include strategy and business advice, policy and regulation, market analysis, modelling, and more.

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Modelling and price forecasts

We deliver high quality price forecasts, market analysis, investment support, and model solutions.



We publish our analyses and results in reports and shorter T-CG Insights, and through presentations and workshops.

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Recent news:

Hav - fisker

Does the electrification of Johan Castberg save carbon emissions, and is it an efficient climate measure? »

An often discussed measure for reducing carbon emissions in Norway is the electrification of oil platforms. In this context, THEMA has evaluated the effect of electrification of Johan Castberg on carbon emissions, and estimated the abatement costs under which electrification of Johan Castberg can be said to be efficient in socio-economic terms. 

Thema Consuliting Group

Study on coordination in the distribution grid and the DSO role »

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have commissioned a study from THEMA and EPOS Consulting on the need for coordination between distribution grid companies and possible solutions for improved coordination.

Fast moving cars at night

Increased electrification of transport – are grid companies ready to cope with this? »

The increase in the use of electric vehicles and fast-charging stations is known to most, but also ferries, buses and (docked) ships can largely be electrified in a relatively short time. The interface between the transport and energy sectors is new and more dialogue is needed to ensure a green transport revolution without excessive costs.