Decentralised generation could keep power prices low »

Our new power price forecast shows that strong growth in local, small-scale renewable generation yields ample generation and sustains low prices. Longer-term price increases will require stronger European RES and climate policy cooperation.

Taxation of power generation affect investments and value distribution »

The taxation of power generation is complex, and small adjustments can make a large impact, particularly for hydropower. Over the last few years, THEMA has inter alia analysed issues related to the tax system, depreciation rules and property taxes.

Is greed good for market liquidity? »

The liquidity in the Nordic financial power market shows a declining trend. To continue to develop interesting hedging and trading opportunities with high liquidity, we need to understand why. Was Gordon Gekko right?

THEMA to present at the Energy Forum 2017 in Berlin »

The German election results affect power markets. At the 21st annual German Norwegian Energy Forum in Berlin, THEMA will present an assessment of the consequences.

Workshop on power market modelling and analysis »

THEMA, in collaboration with Montel, will be hosting a workshop on power market modelling and analysis in Cologne, 11th of October 2017

Socio-economic benefits of hydro power in Nordland »

11 of 10 hydro power projects recently developed in Nordland county are socio economic viable and provides large income and benefits to municipalities, land owners, counties and the Norwegian state.

A stronger role for DSOs requires improved information exchange »

Increased coordination of operations between grid operators require better improved information exchange. Better information exchange caters for implementation of new measures in distribution grid operations and a stronger role for DSOs.

International Power Market Expert and Economist joins THEMA »

We are very happy to welcome Julian Hentschel to THEMA. Julian comes from a position as Senior Consultant at Frontier Economics in London, and has 5 years’ experience from DECC. Julian is an economist and specialist in market design and regulation.

Breakfast seminar about the German federal election »

In association with the German Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, THEMA Consulting Group will analyze the results from the German federal elections on the previous day and consequences for markets in Europe.

What Jamaica has to do with German Energy Policies »

On the 24th of September 2017 are general elections in Germany. Admittingly, party programs are vague at best. Some suggestions and ideas found in the party programs may, however, have significant consequences for the German power market and neighbouring countries, including the Nordic countries.