New employees

Guro Persen, employee since April 2017

Guro Persen

After specializing in energy and sustainability during my double Masters’ degree, I wanted to work with policies and issues related to renewable energy and the power sector. THEMA stood out as an ideal employer due to the company’s high competence and unique sector expertise.

One of the best parts of being a recent graduate in THEMA is the opportunity we get to work on such a diversified project portfolio, before deciding which area to specialize in. As a new employee, I was immediately included in projects across THEMA’s three service areas. Whether I work on economic analyses, power market modeling, or Norway’s long-term strategy for new energy technologies, I have the pleasure of co-operating with colleagues who are experts in their respective fields. Furthermore, I appreciate the practice of being included in several projects simultaneously because it constitutes a steep learning curve and fast exposure to the different challenges that the power sector is facing.

THEMA also has a great social environment, which always makes me look forward to going to work. THEMA organizes regular events such as Christmas parties and office parties, in addition to different social activities through THEMActive and Young in THEMA. The new employees also get a mentor and a buddy who follow up on professional and practical matters.

Adrian Mekki, employee since January 2017

Adrian Mekki

THEMA Consulting Group holds a unique position in the Norwegian energy sector being an important center of knowledge and a key contributor to the public discourse on questions regarding the energy sector in Norway, the Nordics and increasingly also in Europe. As a fresh graduate from the Norwegian School of Economics with a strong interest in power- and energy-related topics, a position in THEMA represented an opportunity to work on and truly gain insight into the important questions that presently engage market participants and regulators.

As a new employee, I was included in new or ongoing projects from day one, and I have appreciated the width of the projects have taken part in over these first few months. One gets to try the various approaches and topics that THEMA works on, and figure out what you like to work on and where you have the most to contribute.

THEMA invests a lot in its employees, arranging courses and training within different disciplines, methods and tools. Even though one is surrounded by experts on topics such as strategy, business analysis, economics and price forecasting, the work environment is relaxed and very inclusive.
I can recommend THEMA warm-heartedly for anybody that wish to work within and gain a better understanding of the Norwegian and European energy sector.