New employees

Malin Wikum, employee since August 2017

Malin Wikum
Malin Wikum

As a graduate economist with an interest in the interaction between public policy and market behaviour, especially related to energy and environmental policy, THEMA stood out as a naturally desired workplace. With economists, business economist and engineers, THEMA consists of a team of composite experience and knowledge. This enables THEMA to provide services in both regulation, strategy and market, which provides insight into various issues and perspectives.

By working on different projects in parallel, I have had a steep learning curve. THEMA focuses on their employees, including courses in both writing and dissemination techniques, but also more technical skills. THEMA also focus on knowledge sharing between the areas of service. In addition, one is accompanied by a professional mentor and a social buddy.

So far, I have worked mainly with regulation and market design, both in the power and transport sectors. The topics have involved network regulation, the reform of the Norwegian regions and public instruments in the field of environmental and innovation policy. Both the power and transport sectors are interesting, both because they are subject to extensive regulation, but also because of the ongoing changes.

With a nice and informal team, THEMA has a good working environment, as well as arranging many social events. In addition to the traditional julebord, parties with THEMAs friends, active events with THEMActive and other events through Young in THEMA are arranged.

Kristin Arnesen, employee since August 2017

Kristin Arnesen

After finalizing my Master of Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, specializing in power markets and operational analysis, I wanted to start my career in a company where my academic background would be useful and appreciated. In THEMA, I have found this company, as well as the opportunity to learn from highly competent colleagues with a unique industry expertise.

As a new hire in THEMA, one is immediately included in both ongoing and new projects, across THEMA’s three service areas. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with a broad focus from the get go, while also being challenged and encouraged to take advantage of my strengths and academic background. Furthermore, THEMA’s practice of including their employees in several – often highly differentiated projects – simultaneously, provides instant exposure to the many different challenges posed by the power industry and other players in the market.

To me, THEMA is a very good place to work. THEMA has a great social environment, and invest a lot in their new employees through offering courses and following up on your professional development. The atmosphere at THEMA is both inclusive and unpretentious, and I am always looking forward to going to work. I highly recommend THEMA to anyone who wishes to work in a strong academic environment and who are interested in the Norwegian and European energy sector.